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What is a tin-absorbing device?
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What is a tin-absorbing device?

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A tin-absorbing device is a tool used to repair electrical appliances and to collect melted solder when removing electronic components from a pad. There are two kinds of manual and electric. Repair and disassembly parts need to use a tin-absorbing device, especially large scale integrated circuit, more difficult to disassemble, disassembly is not easy to damage the printed circuit board, resulting in unnecessary losses. Simple tin-suction device is manual, and most of the plastic products, its head due to frequent contact with high temperature, it is usually made of high-temperature plastic.

The common tin-absorbing device mainly has suction tin ball, manual suction tin, electrothermal tin, anti-static tin, electric suction tin gun, as well as dual-use suction tin soldering iron.

Most of the tin suction device for piston, according to the suction tube wall material, can be pided into plastic suction tin and aluminum alloy suction tin

Tin Suction Device

, plastic suction tin device lightweight, general workmanship, cheap, long type plastic suction tin suction strong, aluminum alloy suction tin appearance, suction tube airtight good, generally can single hand operation, more convenient.

According to whether can be electric heating, can be pided into ordinary suction tin and electrothermal tin, the common use of tin suction solder with the use of electric iron, electrothermal suction tin can be directly removed welding, and some of the electric suction tin device Also with the tip, put on it can be used as soldering irons.


Manual suction Tin Device Use method

The handle of the manual tin-suction device has a spring, when used, the suction pot at the end of the slider to press into, until you hear the "click" Sound, it indicates that the tin suction device has been fixed. And then use soldering iron butt point heating, so that solder melting on the contact, at the same time will be suction tin closer to contact, press the button on the top of the suction tin can be solder suction. If you do not clean at once, repeat the steps above.


Use of electric tin-absorbing device

The appearance of electric vacuum suction tin gun structure, mainly by the vacuum pump, heaters, suction tin head and Jongxi room, is a set of electric, electric absorption tin in one of the new tin removal tool.

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