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Soldering iron Normal use Method a second will be easy to le
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Soldering iron Normal use Method a second will be easy to le

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How to use electric soldering iron


The grip method of electric iron: There are three kinds:


The reverse grip method is to hold the handle of the soldering iron with the fingers. This method is suitable for high power electric iron, which can defend the welding parts with larger heat dissipation.


Positive grip method, the use of this method is also relatively large electric iron, and many for curved iron.


Grip strokes, this method is suitable for small power soldering iron, welding bulk heat small welded parts, such as welding radios, television sets of printed circuit board and maintenance.


Soldering iron Use steps:


Preheat: Tip into a 45-degree angle to withstand pads and component feet. Heat the components ' feet and pads beforehand. The tip of the tips can not withstand the PCB board without copper skin position, which may be the plate burned a trace; the best way to go straight line: Tip can not be plugged into the hole: preheating time is 1-2 seconds.


Obersie: The solder line is introduced from the contact surface of the component foot and the soldering iron; when the tin line melts, grasps the incoming line speed, when the tin fills the entire pad, takes open the tin line, the tin line cannot depend directly on the iron tip, prevents the flux to burn the black, the whole tin time is approximately 1-2 seconds.


Take open the tin line: take open the tin line, the stove continues to put on the pad; the time is about 1-2 seconds.


Take off the soldering iron: when the solder only slightly smoke out, you can take off the soldering iron: Solder point solidification.


 Precautions for use of soldering iron


1. The new soldering iron before the use of treatment. A new soldering iron can not be used, you must first deal with the tip before normal use, that is, before the use of the first plating on a layer of solder. The concrete method is: First use the file to file the iron tip according to the need for a certain shape, and then connect the power, when the tip temperature rises to be able to melt tin, the rosin coating on the iron tip, and so on the rosin smoke and then coated with a layer of solder, so that two to three times, so that the tip of the blade surface and its surrounding will produce a layer of oxide, so that the "eat tin" Difficult phenomenon, at this time can file to oxide layer, again plated solder.


2. The tip length adjustment. Welding integrated circuits and transistors, the tip of the temperature can not be too high, and the time can not be too long, at this time can be inserted in the tip of the iron core of the length of the appropriate adjustment, and then control the temperature of the tip.


3. There are two kinds of straight head and elbow, when the use of grip strokes, the direct soldering iron is more flexible. Suitable for welding in the circuit with more components. Bending iron soldering iron used in the positive grip method is more suitable for PCB vertical desktop in the case of welding.


4. Soldering iron is not easy to power up without the use of long time, because it is easy to iron core accelerated oxidation and burning, at the same time will make the iron tip for a long time heating and oxidation, or even burned "die" no longer "eat tin."


5. The replacement of the iron core should pay attention to the lead wire do not pick up the wrong, because the soldering iron has three terminals, and one of them is grounded, the other two are connected to the core two wire (the two terminals through the power cord, directly with the 220V AC power). If the 220V AC power cord is wrong to the grounding line of the wiring column, then the electric iron shell will be charged, the soldered parts also need to live, so that there will be electric shock accident.



Soldering iron, the best choice of rosin flux to protect the iron tip is not corrosion. The soldering iron should be placed on the iron rack.


1. The use of adjustable temperature of the iron is better;


2. The first time use, must let the iron mouth "eats tin";


3. Usually do not use the soldering iron, to keep a certain amount of tin on the mouth of the iron, you can not put the mouth of the iron in the sponge on the cleaning on the iron rack;


4. Sponge must maintain a certain amount of water, to make the sponge a whole day moist;


5. Pick up the soldering iron to start using, need to clean the mouth of the iron, but in the use of the process without the soldering iron mouth to get the sponge clean, just put the tin in the mouth of the soldering iron into a tin hard carton, so that the temperature of the mouth of the soldering iron will not rapidly decline, if the IC is still tin extraction difficulties, and then add some tin up (because the tin wire contains flux), Can easily extract much of the tin down;


6. Soldering iron temperature between 340~380度 for the normal situation, if part of the sensitive components can only accept 240~280度 welding temperature;


7. Soldering iron mouth hair, not to use metal devices such as blade processing, but to use rosin or tin to solve;


8. After daily use, first clean, then add enough tin, and then immediately cut off the power

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