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Solder quality depends to a large extent on the operating fa
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Solder quality depends to a large extent on the operating fa

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Incredibly automatic soldering machine in the efficiency and precision of the lead in the manual solder, but this does not mean that the use of automatic soldering machine can do the perfect solder point, and the old horse also has the hoof, do a solder machine, it is the first to have no ability to distinguish, solder quality depends on the good or bad to a large extent the operating factors. Master the use of solder machine skills to ensure that the quality of solder becomes very important


Use the solder machine money to know the difference between the automatic soldering machine and the manual soldering machine, automatic soldering machine just replaced your hands, not to say that the replacement of a complete set of solder work, automatic soldering machine is the data on the microcomputer to control the solder, all data are required to the workers in advance into the microcomputer controller stored up, When working, the solder machine automatically calls the stored data, including the tip preheating time, the axis moving distance, solder time, solder position and so on. Visible in addition to a number of complex solder points and machine reasons, to ensure that the quality of solder is fundamentally still depends on people.


Reasonable preheating time, according to the soldering iron and the size of a reasonable set preheating time, requiring workers to be able to reasonably replace preheating time according to the actual situation, for example, with small soldering iron welding parts we have to extend the time to meet the requirements of solder temperature.


Maintain the appropriate temperature, the use of high-temperature soldering iron solder joints, may lead to solder wire in the flux does not have enough time on the surface of the solder overland and premature volatilization failure; solder melting speed too quickly affect the role of flux, because the temperature is too high, although the short heating time also causes overheating. So make sure the tip is within a reasonable temperature range.


The correct position of the iron tip, often make such a mistake: in order to solder more accurate to the position of the iron wire is very low, trying to use the iron wire solder point to apply force. This error occurs because you do not understand the principle of solder, its correct solder working principle is to rely on contact area of heat to heat, not through the head of the Luo iron to heat.

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