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The reason of high temperature change in the process of auto
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The reason of high temperature change in the process of auto

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We are in the face of the automatic solder machine temperature changes in a large range of reasons, the currentMany people in the industry say: "The welding surface has enough clean, enough welding temperature, reasonable welding angle, reasonable solder material, reasonable solder volume, low temperature and humidity storage environment will affect the temperature change of the automatic soldering machine." So what is the reason for the impact of automatic soldering machine temperature changes?


Automatic soldering machine temperature change if the Tin Cup type of automatic solder machine, in the solder Xie Cup rise and fall will cause temperature changes;There is more solder than the case, the temperature drop will be more obvious;The other is the function of the temperature controller, if it isSsrcontrol, the temperature detection cycle is20In seconds, the temperature will change a lot, the best detection cycle to change to2Seconds;If it isScrcontrol, the lowest output power is stabilized in20%The above can avoid a large range of temperature changes.


Automatic Solder machine welding technology is high temperature or high pressure conditions, the use of welding materials(Welding rod or welding wire)Two or more than two pieces of base material(Workpiece to be welded)The operation method of connecting into a whole. Welding is the process and method of bonding between two workpieces of same sex or opposite sex by heating, pressurizing, or both. The automatic soldering machine is widely used for both metal and nonmetal.

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