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How to operate the automatic soldering machine in order to p
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How to operate the automatic soldering machine in order to p

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How to operate the automatic soldering machine in order to prolong the use time of the soldering iron

1, AutomaticSolder MachineWelding temperature and precautions for suspension


Automatic solder machine in the welding temperature should be as low as 400 ℃, Midway machine Stop welding should shut down the machine and thermostat power supply and to the iron Gasi, avoid machine empty burning, and the iron tip should always keep tin.


2, automatic soldering machine tip should be often cleaned


If the tin-plated part of the tip contains black oxides, it can be plated with a new tin layer and then wiped with a damp clean sponge. So repeat the cleaning until the oxide is completely removed and then coated with the new tin layer. and regularly clean the iron tip.


3, automatic soldering machine iron tip selection and Welding:


Automatic solder machine in welding, you can not force the iron tip to pick or squeeze the welding object, clean the iron application of the original/professional manufacturers of clean sponge, and add some water, after adding water with the hand to squeeze dry, keep the sponge wet.


4, automatic soldering machine tip surface Keep clean:


Do not remove the extra solder from the tip before soldering, and the extra tin will protect the surface of the tin and prevent oxidation. Do not add any compound Yu Xisi surface.


5, automatic solder machine iron to do other use:


Because of the relationship between Electroplating, the iron head is absolutely not to use a knife file or grinding, not to use rough material to wipe chrome. It is recommended that the first heating with a fresh solder coating on the iron tip, in order to remove the coating on the top of the oxide.


6, automatic soldering machine should be replaced in a timely manner


With the use of automatic soldering machine for a long time, the iron tip will also occur small-scale deformation and corrosion, this time must be replaced by the iron tips, or there will be a large number of small-scale products.

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