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Some brief overview of Hot melt Adhesive Machine
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Some brief overview of Hot melt Adhesive Machine

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The Hot Melt Glue machine uses the metric standard, the heating method is the pre melt type. Control Panel for digital identification, the use of touch screen/temperature controller digital set temperature, micro-computer detection temperature, each unit independent control/display area temperature. Hot Melt Adhesive Machine has a variety of piston pump and gear pump matching. The use of PID temperature control technology, temperature control in line with the characteristics of hot melts, hot melt machine can be up to four pipes and four glue gun, the temperature can be set up to up to 10 heating areas, control terminals can be automatic operation errors and fault alarm and prompt. The hot melt adhesive function accurately controls the temperature of the molten bar, the throat and the glue gun. The delayed heating function is more hot for the pipe and the glue gun, thus reducing the carbonization phenomenon. Cooling function (if any) so that the production line in the shutdown waiting, reduce the fuse, throat and spray gun temperature, the production line immediately heating up, each heating site in the shortest possible time to reach the operating temperature. The carbonization of the glue is also reduced. These advanced functions increase the service life of the hot Melt glue machine, ensure the performance of the adhesive and reduce the downtime caused by the glue carbonization.

Host control terminal has a variety of anti-interference measures, temperature system can be linked with the machine tool, automatic start-up, more in line with the requirements of production technology, temperature settings and adjustment is simple and convenient. The hot Melt glue machine may use the automatic reversing piston pump, the piston pump can output the high-pressure hot melt adhesive, the pressure is high by the input pressure adjustment. can also use gear pump, gear pump is characterized by a uniform pressure, out of the glue accurate. It also consists of a single layer gear pump and two-tier gear pump two kinds of gear pump driven by the motor, control the motor can be combined with the production line. Teflon treated with the melting rod can be placed in various forms of hot melt adhesive, including flake, granular and block gum, it with pneumatic automatic gun, electric automatic gun, manual grab a variety of special rubber gun supporting the form of a variety of applications, the Melt bar site has a rubber sheet and heat-increasing fin for matching.

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