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Home decoration Hot Melt glue gun not out of glue how to do?
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Home decoration Hot Melt glue gun not out of glue how to do?

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The daily material glue can not avoid using hot melt glue gun. below to see the decoration of the construction of the use of hot melt glue gun does not occur in the case of glue how to deal with? Hot Melt glue gun use method?

Glue gun in use process if not normal out of glue, please check whether the glue gun has fever. If the glue gun can not be normal fever, the reason may be:

1, the glue gun power supply does not have electricity;

2, rubber gun heaters have burned;

3, such as rubber gun fever normal, the reason may be: the muzzle due to impurities blockage, should be invited to professional treatment.

PS: Other considerations

Keep the hot-melt strip surface clean to prevent impurities from clogging the muzzle.

The glue gun in the rubber bar is not used up, please try not to remove the glue from the gun, otherwise it may be inverted gum, affecting the speed of the rubber.

Plastic gun in the plastic if the reversal of the phenomenon, should immediately disconnect the power, stop using, to be used after professional maintenance.

If the glue gun is not used in continuous heating for more than 15 minutes, please disconnect the power supply to improve the life of the glue gun.

Avoid using hot-melt guns in damp conditions, which can lead to electric shock. Non-professionals can not dismantle the hot melt glue gun.

How to use hot melt glue gun?

Hot Melt adhesive Gun before use, please check the power supply, the stent is ready, the use of rubber gun push glue is smooth;

Hot Melt glue gun in use when plugged in the power cord first preheat for about 5 minutes or until the glue is completely melted, glue gun when not in use, please stand upright on the desktop;

When the glue is melted, the glue gun nozzle is aimed at the place where the glue needs to be pressed lightly to trigger, allowing the melt glue to flow out naturally;

After the use of the nozzle downward, unplug the power plug;

Do not pull out the rubber strips from the inlet;

Due to the use of hot melt glue gun temperature is very high, must not use hand contact gun mouth and Melt gum place.

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